Why Choose Freestyle?

We’re different. We believe not all solutions should fit into a box. We think a solution is an evolution and we invite you to explore that evolution with us.

develop-graphicWe’re Agile

This is where most web development companies would tell you how thorough they are. How they leave no stone unturned. We won’t tell you that. We are not experts in your business. It would take too long and cost you too much money. What we are is agile. While fully understanding the goals of your project is important to us, what we need to understand the most are your priorities. Once we’ve prioritized your project goals we can put together a timeline to develop the most important features first, allowing us to deliver value early and often during the lifecycle of the project.

Who we work with

We serve a range of clients from startups to enterprise SAAS companies. We can help in the early stages to conceptualize an online identity and strategy or we can helpĀ  companies regain control of their existing websites and manage regular software and content updates. We can build full-blown, custom ecommerce sites and social networks. We can do all of this one priority at a time so that our clients receive value early and often.

We work with awesome clients!


We’ve been working with Commute.org since March 2013.

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Wordpress Website Development

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Goode Rider

WordPress + Woocommerce + Kibo Checkout Integration

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